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Date: June 17, 2015

Capitol Hill, Saipan – Governor Eloy S. Inos and Lt. Governor Ralph DLG. Torres, through the Department of Commerce Central Statistics Division, are pleased to release to the public the results of the 2014 CNMI Prevailing Wage and Workforce Assessment Study.

“This survey is an update of the Prevailing Wage and Workforce Assessment Study done in 2011. On November 28, 2011, US Public Law 110-229 required that CNMI employers seeking to hire new employees from outside the CNMI pay a wage equal to or above the average hourly wage rate for the particular occupation the employer is seeking to fill. The study helps determine prevailing wage rates in all occupations with breakouts by industry, demography, and geography in the CNMI,” Commerce Secretary Mark O. Rabauliman stated.

“It also assesses current type and level of skills in existing occupations in the CNMI to help shape educational and training needs of the current labor force; and, assist in policy making decision in the public and private sectors. The CNMI DOL will use this state official wage report as an enforcement monitoring tool as well.” added Labor Secretary Edith Deleon Guerrero.

“The completion of the 2014 Prevailing Wage and Workforce Assessment Survey is important in that it addresses the requirement needs of employers when submitting their LCAs to OFLC. This report is also critical to ensure that US worker wages in the same occupation are not adversely affected in the recruitment of foreign workers requiring prevailing wage(s) for their compensation. Our collective efforts in getting the next prevailing wage study update is critical for all CNMI employers and workers alike,” Governor Eloy S. Inos explained.

“To highlight a few of the findings based on this study, there are 25,658 employees in the CNMI. 21,643 are in the Private Sector and 4,015 are in the Public Sector. There are 22 Major occupations and 425 detail occupations in the CNMI. 13,996 of the employees are male and 11,662 are female. The average hourly rate in the CNMI is $8.71 (by Island, Saipan is $8.74, Tinian $8.26, and Rota $8.09). In the appendices of the report, we listed all the detail occupations along with their standard occupational codes, minimum and maximum hourly rate, mean hourly rate, standard deviation hourly rate, and median hourly rate,” Director of Statistics, Alfonis Sound concluded.

Electronic version is currently being distributed to the stakeholders, media and will also be available on Commerce website:

Central Statistics Division (CSD)

We extend our appreciation for the funding support from the US Department of Interior’s Office of Insular Affiars. For any questions or comments, feel free to contact Director Sound at (670) 664-3023/45 or e-mail info@commerce.gov.mp

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